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4 pubs you must visit in Belfast!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When you’re on holiday, you may have loads of places on your list that you want to hit, especially when in Belfast, a city renowned for hosting the best pub crawls. It can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when there are so many different places to choose from.

For such a small city, Belfast has so much to fill your days – but once you’re done exploring the museums, Botanic Gardens, and university – you’ll be ready for a night out on the town. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that there’s a pub around every corner - there’s plenty to choose from and if you don’t get to all the ones you’ve read about or see on your travels, you’ll just have to come back!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite pubs and bars in Belfast to help you create the perfect night out. This is far from an exhaustive list of our favourites or go-tos, but we’ve done our best to provide a few must-visit places on your pub crawl – good drinks, good vibes, and something that you could actually walk (depending on your going out-out shoes, of course!).

The Jailhouse

The Jailhouse is right in the City Centre, off the High Street, which makes it the perfect start to your night out-out. Joy’s Entry is regularly decked out for the season (it is a PERFECT Instagram backdrop). Inside, vibes are set with exposed brick, wood beams, and original windows. The cocktail menu is stellar, mixed by true professionals, and a brilliant happy hour to boot.

Harp Bar

Next up, the first stop in Cathedral Quarter, The Harp Bar. Built in a former warehouse – it’s truly a proper pub, recreating the original 70s era Harp Bar – red velvety booths and stools, vintage beer and spirit adverts, and a gorgeous bar. You’d be mistaken to write it off as an old man’s pub – it’s got a great, friendly crowd and excellent live music daily.

The Thirsty Goat

Venture deeper into the Cathedral Quarter and find the Thirsty Goat. Another true pub with classic interiors, good drinks, and a huge outdoor beer garden – complete with heaters and live music. Afternoons are for trad sessions (traditional Irish music, if you don’t know) and bands from the local area.

The National

The Grande National Café is pretty grand. The massive venue is in a former bank – with a beautiful front bar and fantastic beer garden, it’s a great spot for any time of day really. Drinks range from craft beer, wine and bubbles, to expertly crafted cocktails And if you simply just can’t bring yourself to go home at last orders, there is a nightclub upstairs to keep the party going.

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