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London's Best Coffee Shops

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

London is blessed with coffee shops. In Soho, the City of London (remember this is a separate neighbourhood in London) and Notting Hill, every other shop seems to be a cafe serving the thirsty office workers.

You may get overwhelmed by the choice, but we're here to help!

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth is our favourite coffee shop in the city. In Seven Dials, an area renowned for excellent cafes, Monmouth is the place you have to visit. Sit in cosy wooden booths or head outside to its terrace and watch the world go by with some seriously exceptional coffee.

Flat White

An Antipodean coffee shop in Soho serves up excellent pastries and snacks by the trendy Berwick Street Market.


A small chain in South London serving up good coffee and excellent toasted sandwiches. Brickwood in Clapham, opposite Clapham Common tube station, has a pretty terrace to enjoy in the spring and summer. Get there early to avoid the queues.

Neal's Yard in London, UK
Neal's Yard

26 Grains

A cute and cosy cafe, 26 Grains is in the beautiful surroundings of Neal's Yard, a colourful hideaway by Seven Dials. Come for the coffee, stay for the locals and vibrancy.


A nordic-themed bakery, Fabrique is nestled on the iconic Portobello Road in Notting Hill, West London. If you're not aware, Nordic coffee is strong, so if that's what you enjoy, Fabrique won't disappoint. The seating is "cosy" to say the least, as one wooden bench stretches the wall opposite the bar with space for four or five groups. The cardamon buns are an excellent accompaniment with your drink.

Said dal 1923

If you're looking for something sweeter, Said dal 1923 is by far our favourite destination in London for hot chocolate. Thick, rich and authentically Italian, its hot chocolate and rustic interior will whisk you to Rome. Have an ultra sweet tooth? Ask for melted chocolate to be poured on cup and dunk your pastries and cookies in. Its coffee is also excellent, especially its mocha, which comes with melted chocolate on the side, so you won't miss out.

The best hot chocolate in London, Said dal 1923, UK
The best hot chocolate in London

Buns from Home

Back in Notting Hill, Buns from Home is highly-rated amongst locals in the neighbourhood for its sweet treats. Its coffee is really good too, cutting beautifully through the rich and decadent raspberry cheesecake bun, or the luxurious Dulce de Leche pastry.

Two Passports Top Tip

There are no seats in Buns from Home, so take your coffee and pastry to nearby Colville Square Gardens and admire the perfectly pristine houses on Colville Square, or the colourful abodes on Colville Terrace.

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