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Exploring Richmond, London's beautiful suburb

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Situated elegantly on the River Thames, Richmond, West London is a vibrant riverside town - almost completely opposite to the urban concrete jungle of London down the road, or more like the District Line.

The Prince's Head on Richmond Green with a view of Paved Court
Get lost wandering Richmond's winding alleys

When to visit?

As with any major city, London’s intensity can be a bit much. It’s a lot to take in – and this is coming from someone who lives here and STILL gets overwhelmed by the array of choices for everything. If you’re visiting London for more than four days, take a break and head to Richmond for the day – you won’t need any longer… you might get away with even half a day!

How to get there?

It’s incredibly accessible from Central:

Train: Direct trains run from London Waterloo to Richmond, taking anywhere between 19-30 minutes. Single/Return £5.80/£9.80.

Tube: District Line (the green one) runs regular direct services to Richmond. Thankfully, it’s at the end of the line, so there shouldn’t be confusion when you board the tube – just make sure it says Richmond on the electronic boards and you’ll be fine. The District Line is one of the major underground lines running through Central London, so it’s easily accessible.

Why visit?

It’s a haven for losing yourself in amongst the Georgian terrace houses, cosy alleyways, river walks, and for smelling pure history in some of London’s best pubs – surely you weren’t planning on visiting London without a trip to the pub?! We've done the hard work for you and rounded up our favourite Richmond pubs!

Riverside view of The White Cross pub in Richmond
Find out more about our favourite Richmond pubs!

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