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London's best cocktail bars

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

You'll struggle to find another city in the world that does cocktails quite like London. From the cheap chains that serve the city's plethora of students wanting to get a good deal (mostly 2-4-1), to the fanciest hotel bars possible, with pianists queuing to set the ambiance for you, there's no where quite like London.

Here at Two Passports, we're very partial to a cocktail or three and can sniff out the bars you should visit to the ones you should walk on by.

Two Passports Top Tip

Unlike other cities in Europe, London's Happy Hour refers to discounted cocktails only, offten between 4pm - 7pm from Sunday to Thursday focusing on city workers.

Mr Foggs Residence...the best in London

Mr Foggs is aptly styled on Phileas Fogg, the fictional character who travelled the world in 80 days in the 1800s. The lavish menu plays on his experiences and new-found spices of his journey from afar. Artefacts gathered from across the globe adorn the walls and make the experience truly spectacular.

It's important to note this is an experience rather than a regular drink out. It's hidden on Bruton Lane in Mayfair, but the Victorian-dressed guards will guide you to the location. It's special and will be a discussion point for years - it's our favourite place in London.

Alternative?: Mr Foggs has many other drinking establishments across London, such as his Society of Exploration by the iconic Strand (a street), and the Instagrammable Mr Foggs Tavern in the Theatre District.

Mr Foggs Tavern cocktail bar in London
Mr Foggs Tavern

The American Bar...for the glam

In the luxurious Stafford Hotel is in the even more luxurious St James's. The walls are decorated with vintage US memorabilia donated from over the years. Drinks are expensive but well worth savouring as part of your London experience.

Alternative?: Try the Mandeville Hotel's Reform Bar in Marylebone!

Mandeville Hotel in London
Mandeville Hotel

Cahoots...for the quirky

This special speakeasy in the heart of Soho is set in a vintage, disused underground station. Afternoon tea is also served if you wanted to visit during the day.

Hoxley & Porter...for the late night jazz

Looking for a drink to see yourself through the night with after a long day of exploring whilst soft jazz plays in the background? Hoxley & Porter is the perfect place for this, without the stuffiness or formalities of a hotel bar. It's one of our favourite drinking spots, in one of our favourite places in London!

Hoxley & Porter in Angel, London
Hoxley & Porter

Purl...for the entertainment

Purl is a mixologists that knows no bounds. Set in an inconspicuous location in Marylebone, walk down below street-level and you'll find a dimly-lit, atmospheric cocktail bar. Expect herb-infused smoke in balloons and dry ice to accompany your drinks.

Alternative?: For more mixologists, try out the Alchemist. There are bars in Bank and Seven Dials.

Out Of Office...for the Happy Hour

In terms of bars, there are far better in London. However, Out Of Office's Happy Hour is one of the best. In bustling district of London where the city's workers relax and mingle, Out Of Office's Happy Hour runs for most days and sells its vast menu of drinks for just £5 a cocktail. It might still sound expensive, but it is London...

Alternative: Other alternatives for Happy Hour include Simmons Bar and Be at One. Both are small chains dotted around London and provide inexpensive cocktails in the early evening.

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