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Discover London's Prettiest Streets for your Instagram!

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

If you're looking for London's prettiest streets for your Instagram, look no further than Notting Hill.

Notting Hill is a unique and vibrant neighbourhood in West London, chock full of fantastic independent shops, cafes, and pubs. The neighbourhood bustles with locals, Londoners across the city and tourists, visiting the world-famous market on Portobello Road.

Stanley Crescent in Notting Hill
Stanley Crescent

But stray off the side streets and you will find an abundance of beautiful streets with houses that sparkle in the Summer sunshine with trees that blossom delicately in the Spring.

Two Passports' Top Tip:

Please remember, these are peoples' houses. Don't stand on their front steps and pose - it's intrusive and evasive. You wouldn't like strangers doing it to your property, so pleas don't do it to theirs.

Hillgate Village – Farmer Street, Hillgate Place, Callcott Street, Jameson Street

Tucked behind Notting Hill Gate station is the quiet and residential Hillgate Village. It feels miles away from the loud and traffic packed main road. These side streets are full of pretty pastel family homes, quaint pubs and a weekly farmer's market selling fresh and local goods.

Portobello Road

The famous street where everything stems off of. Independent shops, cafes and an iconic market draws anyone and everyone to Notting Hill and is somewhere you should visit on your trip to London. There's a wonderful Spanish community in the area, highlighted by the high-quality tapas restaurants and ceramic shops lining the street.

Tavistock Road cuts just off of Portobello Street and is a cute strip of colourful houses!

St Luke’s Mews

Come straight here for your London mews fix! The gorgeous and bright houses make the perfect Instagram shot.

Westbourne Park Road

Among these houses, you’ll find William Thacker’s flat from Notting Hill. In the classic 1990s film, Julia Roberts hides from the paparazzi behind the iconic blue door. If you’re on the hunt for it, keep an eye out or else you might walk right past it!

Stanley Crescent

This is THE ultimate Instagram destination in Spring. Look up Stanley Crescent on Instagram and you will be inundated with influencers and models posing outside the street-arching blossoms. The houses are expensive in the area, but I do feel sorry for the owners of this house who must loath people taking pictures and posing. Just be respectful.

Visit midweek in the morning to escape the crowds.

Stanley Crescent in Notting Hill
Stanley Crescent

Lancaster Road

Towards the bottom of Portobello Road, Lancaster Road is full of bright and loud painted terraced houses. As you can probably guess, it’s also a major stop on the Notting Hill Carnival procession.

Painted terrace victorian houses on Lancaster Road, Notting Hill
Lancaster Road's painted houses

Remember to visit a pub (or two)

Notting Hill is full of fantastic pubs too which are equally as pretty as the houses - especially the Sun in Splendour! Don't forget to seek out our favourite pubs and enjoy a pint or a fruity gin and tonic.

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