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North Berwick: A perfect day trip from Edinburgh

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

If you think you couldn't add a seaside escape to your Edinburgh city break, think again!

Just 30 minutes east of the Scottish capital is North Berwick - a classic seaside town that has gorgeous beaches, scenery and eclectic shops. It's such an easy day trip with a direct train from Edinburgh Waverley.

North Berwick Beach
North Berwick Beach

How to get there

You can travel to North Berwick by train from Edinburgh Waverley, the city's primary station. An off-peak return costs as little as £4 and the journey takes 30-35 minutes. You won't miss your stop, as North Berwick is at the end of the line.

From the train station to the town centre, it is a 10-15 minute walk.

What to see

North Berwick has plenty of slow activities for a half-day/day trip from the city. It isn't busy with museums, restaurants and nightlife - it is an outdoors day out.

Things to see include:

  • The beach: North Berwick's beach stretches for miles and miles. On a warm day, you will get lose yourself walking along the coast. Be careful of the water if you decide to take a dip - it is very cold.

  • Lodge Grounds: A pretty garden in-land, the Lodge Grounds feature colourful flowers and local artwork - past displays have included giant bunny rabbits dotted across the park.

  • The Law: For panoramic views over the sea make your way up the Law, a prominent hill overlooking North Berwick. The climb is straight-forward and not too difficult for casual walkers. It's the younger sibling of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

  • Ferry rides: There are opportunities to take a ferry out to the sea and get up close to the rocks scattered off the coast, including Bass Rock, which has been a influenced art and literature over centuries - some say it was even the influence for JK Rowling's Azkaban in Harry Potter!

    • North Berwick Port is very pretty to walk around on its own. Make sure you visit the Lobster Shack!

The Ship pub in North Berwick
The best pub in North Berwick, The Ship

Where to eat and drink

The Ship Inn: The best pub in the town! Locals are extremely welcoming of visitors in this nautical-themed pub. The food is fantastic, and the staff are really great too. A definite visit.

Steampunk Coffee: Our favourite spot for coffee is Steampunk, a specialist roasters who started in a camper van and are now operating out of a cool semi-industrial space. They also host monthly Steampunk Sessions where local bands will play as you sip on your iced coffee.

The Lobster Shack: It is what it's called. A small shack on the port overlooking the sea, this is a really rustic lobster restaurant serving up the freshest seafood you will ever find. Be prepared to queue when the weather is hot.

Osteria: An upscale Italian restaurant on the high street, Osteria is extremely highly rated by all the locals we spoke too. When never managed to visit, but it is definitely on our go-to the next time, but we heard only good reviews.

North Berwick Beach
The port's beach is a different colour!

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Jenny Marston
Jenny Marston
Oct 10, 2022

I’ve never been too Scotland period but this looks like a wonderful place for a trip. The scenery is beautiful and I’d love to take a boat trip out. The Ship Inn looks like a lovely place to stop for lunch too xx

Two Passports Travel Blog
Two Passports Travel Blog
Oct 10, 2022
Replying to

Oh Scotland is extraordinary. Arguably the most breathtaking corner of Europe - rugged landscape and gothic-like Edinburgh. But North Berwick is so separate from that - so pretty and happy. The beach really stretches for miles. So glad you like the Ship too - it was so busy we couldn't get a picture inside, but the food was unbelieveble. I hope you like fish & chips!!

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