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Top 6 London attractions a local would recommend

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Knowing a local in a city or a region is such a plus in knowing where to go and see. London is know different; if anything its magnified. There are so many attractions Londoners detest - the London Eye being the biggest hatred (it’s overpriced, over-glamourised and you can get better views elsewhere in the city).

Thankfully, ahead of your trip to London you already know two locals - us! Two Passports.

So, here are our favourite hidden spots in the city, ranging from attractions to regions, that you have to visit on your first or second adventure to really get to know London.

Tate Modern Viewing Platform

Seeing as we mentioned our hatred for London Eye, we thought we’d start with a much cheaper alternative with equally impressive views. And by much cheaper, it’s free of charge.

The Tate Modern is London’s acclaimed modern art museum on Bankside, right by the River Thames. At the top is a viewing platform providing panoramic views over the Thames and beyond. On really clear days you can see as far out as Wembley Stadium, the UK’s biggest sports stadium, home to the England Football National Team.

Sky Garden

You’ll thank us later for this secret.

The Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden in 20 Fenchurch Street, a skyscraper in the City of London (remember, this a separate neighbourhood in London). During the morning and afternoon on weekdays you can just walk in and head onto the balcony for special views over London. Dance between the tropical shrubbery and mini-palm trees lining the steps.

However, we would recommend booking tickets in advance. Tickets, which are free of charge, get released three weeks prior to the date. If you’re visiting London at Christmas, we couldn’t recommend the Sky Garden any more, its decorations (and views) are magnificent.

Two Passports Top Tip

There are bars and restaurants, but beware as the drinks are pricey; and the food prices are out of control. Instead, take a picnic with you and eat it literally with a backdrop of London behind (or in front) of you!

Neal’s Yard

Seven Dials is already one of our favourite places in London. But Neal’s Yard is a hidden gem that 90% of tourists walk past without blinking. A former industrial square, it is now a colourful haven of fully-sustainable coffee shops and independents.

Neal's Yard is a must visit in London. 100% no doubt.

Neal's Yard in London
Neal's Yard

Primrose Hill

Venture further north of Regent's Park (our favourite park in London) and you'll get to Primrose Hill, a small park renowned for unobstructed views over London. Primrose Hill is known for its magical sunsets over the city. Pack a picnic and join the locals with a beautiful views of the city's skyline in the background.

Two Passports Top Fact

These views are unobstructed due to having an official "protected view of St Paul's Cathedral" - one of eight protected views of St Paul's in London.

These protected views are written into law meaning that structures can't be built in the line of sight between St Paul's Cathedral and Primrose Hill.

St Paul's Cathedral, London
St Paul's Cathedral

Upper Street, Angel

A long street stretching from Angel to Highbury & Islington tube stations in the Islington neighbourhood, Upper Street is a lively district known for its fantastic bars, pubs and restaurants. During the evening on weekdays, the street comes alive with residents and office workers to explore the different establishments making it a fun detour from the tourist traps elsewhere in London.

Two Passports Upper Street Recommendations

Hoxley & Porter: A cool prohibition-themed cocktail bar with live music on weekends.

Cafe Gallipoli: A Turkish-themed restaurant serving mezzes and Mediterranean food in an authentic setting.

Urban Social Coffee & Brunch: A trendy cafe serving excellent pastries and hearty brunches with artisanal coffee.

Hoxley & Porter in London
Hoxley & Porter, Upper Street

St Christopher’s Place and James Street

A hidden spot off of the tourist-laced Oxford Street, St Christopher's Place is a chic urban quarter awash with cafes, fountains and indie boutiques. Off of this is James Street, lined with bars, pubs and restaurants all with outdoor terraces.

Two Passports St Christopher's Place & James Street Recommendations

Nandos: A popular chain in Britain serving peri-peri chicken, Nando's is a slice of British culture (seriously!). Plus, it's inexpensive too - £7.35 for lunch.

Homeslice: Every Londoner will put Homeslice in their top 3 favourite pizza joints in the city. It's a small chain dishing out slices of pizza - or sit in an tuck into a 20". Either try out a pizza with elaborate toppings, or the classics - we know you'll love them.

Toppers: Technically on Wigmore Street (literally round the corner from James Street), Toppers is a Sri Lankan-themed spot cooking up authentic small plates of the good stuff.

Lamb & Flag: A class British pub on the corner of St Cristopher's Place that spill out with locals on weekdays. Enjoy the vibe!

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