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Via Ponte Vetero: A True Taste of Milan

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Looking for some of the best bars and restaurants in Milan? Visit Via Ponte Vetero - an elegant stretch of road in the stylish Brera district!

Well, firstly move far away from the Duomo. It's overpriced and generic - as you would expect from every city's major tourist attraction.

Via Ponte Vetero is one of three streets (along with Via Mercato and Corso Garibaldi) which leads from Castello Sforzesco towards Piazza Gae Aulenti.

For us this walk encapsulates Milan perfectly; it's a city of Old vs New. The old: Castello Sforzesco was the emblem of Renaissance in the 13th-century, an era where women were simply commodities to bear children; and the new - Piazza Gae Aulenti, an ultra-modern square designed by (and named after) the country's most prolific female architect.

But yes - enough of the analysis. It's the food you came here for!

For a true taste of Milanese gastronomy and classic aperitivo, this area is a must-visit. As you near 5pm, you'll begin hearing a cacophony of Italians thronging the streets. Incredible osterias (Italian bistros) serve delicious food showcasing the local regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. Milan's tram cuts through the crowds finishes the scene delightfully too.

It's beautiful at golden hour too, as the light dances off the coloured buildings to reveal every detail imaginable.

Via Ponte Vetero in Milan, Italy
Via Ponte Vetero at Golden Hour

Our recommendations!

Salsamenteria di Parma: Our favourite place we've eaten in Milan. Simple-yet-sensational Piedmontese-inspired food in a rustic setting. Small plates of fresh gnocchi along with light pasta in a rich ragu sauce is followed by the best cheeses you could imagine. If there are products you particularly enjoyed, you can buy a souvenir; we opted for a bottle of balsamic crema!

Panetteria Mercato: A cute bakery pressed again Pandenus (coming next). The window display alone will entice you inside; exquisite cannellonis towered neatly next to decadent cakes and pastries!

Pandenus: The sister bar to its namesake in the Lazzaretto district near Centrale Station. Its signature cocktails are varied and fragrant, and its aperitvos (food that comes with the drink) is plentiful and may be enough for your dinner too (if you have a small appetite).

La Casa Iberica: If you're craving tapas, La Casa Iberica, across the street from Pandenus is a step into Andalucía. Dozens of ham hocks float above you from the ceiling, and Devine cheese and sizzling plates of chorizo fly out of the kitchen. A wonderful taste of España!

Flower Burger: If you're looking for a cheap vegan-only joint, Flower Burger on Corso Garibaldi is new in town and serves up some of the best in the city. The burgers buns are purple too - you can do whatever you like with that information!

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