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What to do in Mevagissey, Cornwall

From pristine beaches stretching along the South-West tip of the UK, to idyllic towns and beaches giving the Greek islands a run for their money, Cornwall is a gem of Europe. Mevagissey, one of the prettiest towns in the county, is full of perfect activities for kids, families and couples.

Mevagissey Port in Cornwall
Mevagissey Port

If you're thinking of visiting this stunning part of Britain, read our list of favourite activities below. Oh, and check out our blog post on Why you should visit Mevagissey too, if you like!

South-West Coastal Path

This walking trail stretches right along the coastal cliff-tops. Those who hike along the trail are treated to incredible views of the sea throughout.

Along the path are villages and towns (Mevagissey included) to stop for an explore or well-earned pint or cream tea.

You’ll also find some beautiful sandy beaches including both Polstreath and Pentewan beaches.

Coastal path in Cornwall, Mevagissey
Coastal Path in Cornwall

The Lost Gardens of Heligon

About a 10-minute drive from Mevagissey is the Lost Gardens of Heligon.

This beautifully restored collection of gardens, sculptures, and nature trails stretches across a 200-acre area and is a must for any gardening and nature lovers. It’s a brilliant day out, but with so much to explore, expect to need to come back at a later date.

Prices for an adult are £22.50, but concession discounts and family passes are available.

Lost Gardens of Heligon in Mevagissey, Cornwall
The Lost Gardens of Heligon

Ferry to Fowey

Fowey is a picturesque town with a lot to offer. Castles (more on that later), eateries, vintage shops, and a secret beach are just some of the many things this chocolate box town can offer visitors.

Luckily access to Fowey is easy from Mevagissey. For £17 you can get a return journey that takes in the stunning coastline as you make you way there and back. All you need to do is find the ferry on the harbour waterfront in Mevagissey and jump onboard.

The journey takes about 50-minutes one way so plenty of time to enjoy this alternative mode of transport.

St Catherine’s Castle

Once at Fowey take a trek up to St Catherine’s Castle and grab some awesome views of the bay.

The path is only accessible by walking across Readymoney beach cove making it feel that little bit more of an adventure.

St Catherine's Castle in Mevagissey, Cornwall
St Catherine's Castle

Charlestown & sea kayaking

Charlestown is about a 15/20-minute drive from Mevagissey and remains almost unchanged since it was developed in the 18th Century.

Historically a copper port, visitors can step back in time while sampling some of the best restaurants this side of Cornwall has to offer.

It’s also a great place to set off on a sea kayaking adventure (for those looking for an alternative way to see the Cornish coast).

I recommend Gylly Adventures! For around £50 you’ll receive a two-hour tour, taking you to previously unreachable coves and beaches, tin mines built into the cliff-face, and if you’re lucky enough, some sea life will pop up to say hello (sea lions, cormorants, and crystal jellyfish are just a few we came into close contact with – getting to hold the jellyfish was a highlight!).

Porthluney beach cove

Porthluney Cove on the Caerhays estate is a quiet little beach with golden sand and crystal-clear water.

It’s cheap to park and well facilitated with a bar, eateries and toilets.

The looming castle in the background makes for a fun backdrop too.

Porthluney Beach Cove in Cornwall
Porthluney Beach Cove

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For more on the beautiful Mevagissey, read our other post on Why You Should Visit Cornwall's Prettiest Town!

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Andrea Hunt
Andrea Hunt
Oct 08, 2022

I have never been to Cornwall and I admit I had no idea how beautiful Cornwall was! Incredibly beautiful and I guess I had not heard much about it. I will be putting this down on my travel list, thank you so much for this article now I feel I have a better idea :)

Two Passports Travel Blog
Two Passports Travel Blog
Oct 08, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Andrea - that's so kind of you to say. It's a stunning corner of Europe but needs to be visited respectfully. It's inundated with British tourists (especially in the south - specifically from London) who will visit its pristine beaches and not give much thought to the wider culture, natural environment or heritage of the area.

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