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Sangria vs Tinto Verano

Sangria is a classic on a Spanish holiday. Cold, fruity, and strong enough to give a slight buzz, it really is ideal. But it’s a bit of a cliché, isn’t it? We choose it because we like it, but equally it’s because we know what it is and how to pronounce it.

While visiting Seville, I was a little bored of saying ‘un vino blanco por favor’ and just wasn’t in the mood for sangria (I find it heavy), so I looked down and saw Tinto Verano – literally ‘summer red wine.’ Interest peaked, I ordered, and I’m so glad I did.

A glass of vermouth and glass of Tinto Verano in the rustic interior of Bar Juanito
Vermouth and Tinto Verano in Bar Juanito

On your next holiday, trip, adventure through Spain, you have to start ordering Tinto Verano! One-part red wine, one-part lemonade (or Fanta Limón, or Sprite/water combo, it depends on the bodega). Not too sweet and completely refreshing, it’s my number one alternative to Sangria.

Tucked behind the historic Catedral de Sevilla is buzzing Calle Mateos Gago, lined with tapas bars on either side. These do vary in quality, but some of our favourites are on this strip. You’ll find Tinto Verano on all of the menus, including La Moderna where we tasted the aperitif for the first time. From there, I couldn’t stop ordering it. Across Seville, Cadiz, and Jerez – simply couldn’t get enough! Though my favourite would have to be at Bar Juanito in Jerez for the simple combination of price, taste, and atmosphere.

The light red wine cocktail is great to cool off after a day wandering the Spanish streets and is a nice accompaniment to an array of different tapa. We are not wine snobs on this site and though I’m obviously not suggesting a Tinto Verano is superior to a bold red with a filet mignon – Tinto Verano will pair nicely with dishes from garbanzo stews and tortilla to gambas and montaditos.

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