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Where to eat and drink in Newcastle

The Victorian city of Newcastle, north-east England, was once a powerhouse in the industrial revolution. Its drink and nightlife scene is legendary in the country, so there's no shortage of bars and pubs in the city. As for its food scene, it's growing rapidly and catching up with its nightlight; dynamic chefs are making the journey to the city and opening up hip international joints waiting to be explored!

For breakfast

Quay Ingredient

There's no better place in Newcastle to start your day. An intimate cafe under the iconic Tyne Bridge - put the bright yellow interior aside - Quay Ingredient gives off Manhattan vibes. Make sure you tuck into their Breakfast Burrito!

Flat Caps

A fun coffee shop away from the bustling city centre, Flat Caps serves up strong coffee with light breakfasts and pastries.

Pink Lane Bakery

The best pastries in town. Newcastle might be a grey, concrete city, but Pink Lane Bakery provides a fresh, bright facade too! You'll be tempted by its sight as well as its smell!

For lunch

Fat Hippo

Fat Hippo is a casual-dining burger house cooking up hearty food and serving on metal trays. A perfect no frills spot!

Olive & Bean

A bright deli selling light sandwiches and pastries in Grainger Market.

For dinner

El Torero

The best tapas bar in Newcastle, El Torero is tucked unassumingly down the Side, by Newcastle Castle, a famous medieval street.


This 13th-century friary is on a cobbled street away from the vibrant city centre plays on the medieval setting. The food's regionality is important to Blackfriars; in fact, be sure to check out the table mats indicating the food's provenance.

House of Tides

The Michelin-starred restaurant by the river serves informal British cuisine in a surprisingly light 16th-century merchant house. House of Tides is certainly for something special on your trip to Newcastle.

For the adults

Colonel Porter's Emporium

An eclectic gentleman's club with tropical vibes, the Emporium is next door to El Torero, on the Side, and mixes exquisite cocktails as you sit on plush leather chairs.

Lola Jeans

Up in the bustling city centre, Lola Jeans is a chic cocktail bar in this intimate boudoir-style drinking hole.

Split Chimp

Tucked under the railway lines on Westgate Road, Split Chimp is a small microbrewery. Fun, retro beer mats line the walls and locally-made craft beer is poured out to thirsty customers.

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